About Genco EEC Ltd

The company commenced manufacturing A.C. generators in 1988. Original designs were of the slipring type, but soon after brushless designs were produced to match customer's requirements.

Many of the key personnel in design, production, quality and after sales service have worked for many years within the generator/set industry and their experience has contributed to the final design and reliability of the machines.

In 1995 expansion of the company was possible after merging with Electric Engineering Company who had considerable experience in overseas manufacturing and export sales of electrical products. The new company formed was Genco EEC Ltd.

Although small, the company is efficient with its factory in Ketton, England, which is centrally located within the manufacturing area of the UK. Using the standard power range as a basis of manufacturing the company prides itself on being able to cater for its customer's individual requirements. We can offer for example such diverse designs to cover not only screen protected and drip proof enclosure but totally enclosed machines for hazardous environments or tractor driven (PTO Drives) alternators for agricultural markets.

Sales are 50% direct export world-wide with many overseas representatives and agents. They also cover after sales services and spares back up for all the product range.

It is estimated that 95% of all production is eventually exported, which is accreditation to quality and environmental protection inherently build into all the machines.

Because of the individual manufacturing process the company's products has the highest output ratio of kW/Weight available for industrial type machines.
Quality Assurance

Specification Compliance:
IEC 34.1 - UTE NF C 51.111 - VDE 0530
BS 4999, 5000 - NEMA MG21

C E Mark (as component part)

Excitation control systems available:

-Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Electronic
-Transformer (Compound)
-Magnetic Amplifier
-Auxiliary Winding

Standard machines are offered with 12 wire with connection to three or single phase.

Dedicated single-phase windings available.

Winding connections terminated in terminal box - 8 terminals.

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